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some error for galaxy explorer when i open in unity

Discussion in 'VR' started by borzkn, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. borzkn


    Apr 16, 2016
    Hi guys,
    Look at below screenshot. There are some missing points. Is the re anyone has idea for this! Thanks
  2. russwolf


    Mar 18, 2015
    Hi borzkn,

    This issue has been addressed on the Microsoft HoloLens forums in this thread, specifically in the Troubleshooting section.

    If you get an error about Tfp plugin for Galaxy Explorer project there may be some cached information that is not correct in the project.
    1. Remove the Library directory.
    2. Revert the project files to remove modifications. If you checked out the project using Git bash, a simple "git checkout -- ." from the project directory will suffice.
    3. Re-open the project.
    Hope this helps!