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Question Solving several problems in my VR project

Discussion in 'XR Interaction Toolkit and Input' started by Axel0689, Dec 12, 2022.

  1. Axel0689


    May 20, 2022
    Good evening everyone. I am designing a VR simulation with my Quest2 (for my thesis).
    I am asking for advice on several points that I would like to solve:

    1) I have created a Menu UI, which I enable with the Menu key on the controller. And to interact with it I use the X and A keys on the controllers. Now I've noticed that Teleport Ray (active on both hands) shows up on my UI, which I don't want. I also disabled the option in the Inspector "Enable Interaction with UI ..."

    2) I have set in this menu so far two options, one to change the rotation type from Continuous to Snap. And it works. While the other one I would like to set is the enabling and disabling of Teleport (with left hand, right hand and both). I don't know how to link that functionality to the menu (definitely via scripts but if anyone can help me it's better).

    3) I set up my Hands and noticed that if I enter Custom Models with colliders, when I pick up an object, it shakes wildly, in my opinion due to the collider object-colliders hand contact. In your opinion what is the best option so that I can grab an object without it "triggering" let's say.

    Image ->

    I look forward to your help and suggestions. Thank you.