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[Solved ..speedtree was billboard]Stereoscopic "Cardboarding/Billboarding" on mixing Unity elements.

Discussion in 'AR/VR (XR) Discussion' started by Dirrogate, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Dirrogate


    Feb 18, 2014
    I'm experiencing a peculiar problem when trying to composite Unity Cg elements (Speedtree palmtree, and sample thirdparty AI for instance).
    In steps here's what I'm doing - and everything is working - except for the 'cardboarding'
    • I created an inverted sphere "Sphere_Left" (in Cinema4D) and imported as .fbx and textured it with 'left eye' image. The image is an equirectangular 360 stereo image, left eye only
    • Duplicate the sphere name it "Sphere_Right". Texture it with the right eye image of the 360 pair.
    • Put the spheres on their own 'layer'
    • Create two cameras - assign 'Cam_left" to eye target left and "Cam_right" viceversa.
    • Use culling masks as needed Cam_right can't see left eye layer and vice versa.
    Everything works fine, and when VR is enabled in player mode, the oculus rift shows the scene in stereoscopic 360 - no problems.

    Now, When I try to insert say, the Speed Tree palm tree, or the sample asset Thirdperson AI "Ethan" these elements do import into the scene and I can move them around, But - They look flattened - or like "Cardboard cutouts" in 3D space. They don't exhibit true 3D 'roundness'

    They are place on default layer, so both left and right eye cams should be seeing them in stereo, yet there is a distinct feeling of the depth being "compressed" the fronds of the Speed tree palm tree are like, cookie cut out layers.

    Anyone else experience this cardboarding problem? or am I missing some steps in trying to composite Unity elements with this two cam approach?

    I've uploaded a test scene to Wetransfer (faster download but valid for a week)
    or, after that, slower d/l here:

    The scene does not have the best stereo (left/right physical 360 camera rig errors) and the CG does not have shadow-catcher shaders, yet.

    But, what is of concern to me at this moment, is the CG looking very "cardboarded" when inserted into the scene.
    Particularly the palmtree trunk and fronds, as well as the volume of the AI's body.

    Any observations and tips, are greatly appreciated.