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Smash Like Fighting Game - Balancing Launch Attacks

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by supermoof, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. supermoof


    Sep 24, 2015
    Hello, the game I'm working on is very similar to smash, where some attacks are designated to launch a player based on the attacks power + the targets health. The higher health they have, the farther it sends them and the longer it takes to recover etc.

    I'm having trouble on how to balance different types of attacks and I would love to see other people's input on how to balance them.

    Spammable Ranged Attacks - I'm assuming these should never launch/stun and just do damage

    At the moment, my animations are very fast so everything seems "spammable".

    For example, for attacks like a "dashing punch attack" where it sends the character flying in a straight line and attacks whatever is in its path, these are my following options to balance it.

    -Longer wind up frames, so it can't be spammable, but punishing if hit.
    -Only stuns until a certain health threshold of the target, then it launches. (Ex: If health > 80, launch instead of stun)

    So, I would like some opinions on how the launch behavior should work for these type of attacks. Assume by default, that the animations are fast, with very little windup.

    Spammable Projectile Attacks
    Long Cast Time Projectile Attack
    Dashing Attacks
    Aerial Normal Attack (In this game, its just 1 animation like a kick in mid-air, should this launch? In smash it does.)
    Crouch Normal Attack (I think in Smash it launches?)

    Medium Range (Not melee range) (Ex: A character shoots lightning out of hands, chain lightning from hand + length not a projectile. Easily spammable, input is like: Directional + SpecialAttack Key.)
    -Should I balance these medium range attacks by making them have a longer windup animation assuming it will always launch the target OR only allow them to launch if the targets health is > threshold.

    Thanks you in advance if you guys decide to leave your opinions here. :)
  2. Not_Sure


    Dec 13, 2011
    When it comes to fighting game balance I highly recommend making a base character and giving them lots of polish and attention until you have a good middle-of-the-road character that is well balanced.

    Then make the other characters by pushing the base character in different directions.

    Try to write out all the parameters of the character and then with testing get a quantitative abstract number for the different stat's worth. Then also identify synergies and situational moves and account for that as well.

    So for an example you'd get these values and then tweak the numbers for a new character:
    Jump Height
    Run Speed
    Punch Move
    Kick Move
    Ranged Attack
    Smash Move
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