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Question Skybox blending with horizon and some terrain and lightning question

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by plaguebreath, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. plaguebreath


    Aug 16, 2017
    Hello everyone, I will try to explain some problems I'm facing while working on my small project. I have mostly a scenario where the player can fly on Z axis and move on Y axis in a scene made with various terrains 1000x1000 connected each others, the level is already quite big but the problem is that offcurse the player could go up quite distant (I set up a limit of around 1200 unity units on Y axis) and so my skybox look quite ugly because I could see even lower part of it. The camera follow the movement of the player and with some smooth it zoom out while it's flying up. So I have a couple of question to solve and I need your help for clarify me little bit:
    1° how to solve the skybox problem when player can fly quite high ? I did found a solution with a skydome but I'm not sure it could be the better choice, even if the effect will be sorta like the Kermbal one when the rocket fly up in the sky.
    2° most of the levels will be not very detailed but for make my level look good in a transition between the terrain and the horizon I still have to put on lot of terrains connected to each others, what will be the best solution for this kind of scenario ? Is there any best practice like "make only bigger terrain then many connected " ?
    3° I'm have a lot of difficulty on the currect lightning of my scene, I did follow some tutorial on this website but my scene look always so bright and flat without all the nice effect I see in the many tutorials, I tend to make lot of confusion on directional light, sun, skybox light hdr and so on, and tend to get stuck on the part about backing lights too. What would you suggest me for this scenario ?
    Thank you everyone and sorry for my bad explanation but I hope you understand my trouble.