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Assets SkinGen - a camouflage generator for creatures and objects [WIP]

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by Jesus, Aug 20, 2019.


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  1. Jesus


    Jul 12, 2010


    One of the tools I've built is maturing during the production process, so I'm considering offering it for sale on the asset store. It's a shader-based skin generation tool, useful for making realistic animal skins.

    It uses several masks and environment properties to create a skin/fur/colour texture that's appropriate for the settings. This is then configured against camouflage principles such as countershading, detail and surface disruption, and the like. Apex predator, small herbivore or anything else on the food chain, your creatures can get a fancy new skin to blend in with their world. Despite being tested primarily against animals (land and sea), it functions well enough on hard-surface objects like military equipment (Tanks / Vehicles, Weapons, Soldier Camouflage).

    For small-medium teams looking to generate loads of content and don't want to spot-weld your art department to the computer making creature skin textures, this could be of use to you. It's fairly easy to set up, the results generate in milliseconds, and

    For example, you probably didn't notice the 2 other tigers (3 of them are in the picture)...

    These are the outputs for the current WIP version:
    > Diffuse / Albedo
    > Smoothness / Roughness (+ Specular / Metallic)
    > Fur Thickness, Length (for use with NeoFur)
    > Transparency/SSS
    > TBA

    And the inputs required:
    > World Space Normal Map
    > World Space Position Map
    > Masks: (R) Belly Mask, (G) Surface Type Mask, (B) AO + Extremities Mask, (A) Default Texture Mask
    > Colors and Available Color Ranges
    > TBA

    I might add or remove some as time goes on, depending on demand and application (URP vs HDRP). Yes, that means it's using the Unity Shader Graph Editor! For something like this, debugging, testing and modifying is best done when you can see whats happening at each step.


    The Tiger screenshots use the NeoFur Tiger, and in places like the mouth interior, teeth and claws, the original texture (this system doesn't handle those; they're considered universal among the species). Also uses NeoFur fur system, obviously.

    I'm using it for an underwater game to generate skins and patterns for fish, sharks, and other sea creatures. It'll have its own fully-functional (size, shape editing) creature creator released for it.


    Remember, most animals are either significantly more colourblind compared to humans (dogs, most forest animals), or can see wavelengths we can't (birds, squid). I'd recommend using the colorblind UnityPackage from Alan Zucconi to test the output against your play area:

    For details on an earlier version of this system, just go to my blog post on It's a little bit more in-depth tech-wise, but also somewhat out of date in several areas and fairly limited in scope and capabilities.

    If anyone can do a good Mr DNA (pictured, below left) impression, get in touch, I might use that voice for the promo video.


    Well, let me know what you think!

    If you've got ideas for any examples or features, post them below!

    I'm not 100% happy with the name or icon for this system yet; any ideas or suggestions from the crowd?
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