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Bug Single Frame Graphical Artifact/Glitch

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by QAG_Alex, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. QAG_Alex


    Mar 5, 2020
    I'm seeing a weird graphical glitch in a Unity project (let's call this "Title B") that I am having trouble tracking down. I saw a very similar (possibly the same) issue in another title (let's call this "Title A"). I'm going to share some screen shots from Title A instead of Title B because Title A has since been released.

    glitch1-00_09.png glitch2-00_27.png glitch3-00_00.png glitch5-00_54.png glitch4-00_48.png

    The fix (or I guess workaround) for Title A was to upgrade to the latest version of Unity at the time. However Title B is currently on Unity 2019.4.12 which is the latest 2019.x version.

    In Title B, the glitches appear very similarly except you can often see textures in the glitches instead of just solid colors. I think this may be because Title A was using vector graphics (via SVG Importer) where Title B uses no SVG graphics; its just a 2D game using sprites/textures.

    I've also just noticed in Title A the glitch only occurs on the main camera under UI (and never glitches the UI itself). However on Title B the glitch only seems to occur on the camera rendering UI, but over the game world/main camera.

    Other than that the glitches behave the same: they only appear for a single frame, occur randomly between 5-30 minutes of play time, and only occur on the Switch.

    Any solutions or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!