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Feedback Simplify PlasticSCM setup for Unity

Discussion in 'Formats & External Tools' started by Xarbrough, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. Xarbrough


    Dec 11, 2014
    My team has been using PlasticSCM (full GUI) and Gluon as well as the windows explorer integration for the past couple of years. We're generally very happy with its performance and features, which is the main reason for using it, but there are a couple of hurdles when setting up a new project or onboarding new developers/contractors:

    • When creating a new workspace in Gluon for the first time, nothing shows up, because the user must first configure the workspace to automatically download certain files and folders (all in our case because of Unity). Especially external developers often think something is broken and require personal support to do this seemingly simple step.
    • The UnityYAMLMerge tool (SmartMerge) must be manually set for each client and updated for each Unity version. This can be quite challenging to get right and often results in errors that only show later when merging fails. In our case, the merge tools should be the same for all clients per repository, because we use the same Unity version for all developers working on the same project.
    • Developers often work on multiple projects and hence multiple Unity versions, which means the merge tool setup is incorrect for all but one version when using multiple repositories. There should be a way to specify the merge tools per repo and two issues would be solved.
    • Sometimes, specific Unity files such as scenes or materials are not diffed as text files although we only ever use text serialization in Unity. Plastic detects some of these files as binary unless we also configure the filetypes.conf file. I know this can be shared as global repository setting, so this is alright, but I'd like it even more if it would contain Unity entries by default and work out of the box, now that Plastic and Unity have joined.
    • Forgetting to commit meta files is sometimes an issue for artists or designers. This issue seems to be solved by using the editor integration which automatically commits meta files, but it would be great if this could also be addressed by Standalone Gluon or full GUI, because developers also work outside of Unity with specific files that need to be one level above the Assets directory. For them it doesn't make sense to switch between multiple VC tools, so they only use the Standalone Gluon or GUI.
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