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Simple X Sign-In

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by hippogames, May 2, 2024.

  1. hippogames


    Feb 5, 2015

    Simple X Sign-In provides X (Twitter) sign-in with OAuth 2.0 for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and WebGL apps made with Unity. You can also get access tokens for further API calls.

    • Cross-platform user auth for cross-platform games and apps
    • No plugins, not 3rd party libs, no dependencies
    • No impact to build size
    • Get access tokens for further API calls
    • More security for client-server apps (get access tokens on a client, get all user data on a server to avoid tampering)
    • SFSafariViewController is used on iOS (required by App Store review)
    • Deep linking for Windows (UNITY_STANDALONE_WIN)
    Generic workflow (for platforms that support deep linking)
    • Your app navigates users to X using a default web browser
    • Users perform sign-in to their X account
    • X redirects users to your app (using deep linking when possible) and provides an authorization code in URI parameters
    • The app is activated and obtains an authorization code
    • The app exchanges the code for an access token
    • The app requests user data with the access token (ID, name, email and other data according access scope defined)
    Middlware flow for WebGL
    • Redirect to Authorization Middleware is used to temporary save an auth code
    • The app obtains the code from Authorization Middleware with a POST request
    Asset Store:

    Screenshot_1.png Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_4.png