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Question Simple idea | no clue where to start

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Nielssinke, Nov 23, 2021.

  1. Nielssinke


    Nov 23, 2021
    Oke here goes.

    I have an idea for a simple kids game. Its more of an interactive click book than a game you actually control. I also have nog clue where to start and i have no coding experience. The graphical side is no problem.

    I wanted to try to make a very simple version of my idea to see if it would work. The idea being a simple background of for example a beach and ocean with on it a ball.
    - You can then click on the ball and the ball makes a little animation (pre rendered in 3dmax for example or as an art asset that animates within unity?)
    - when clicking the ball a sound effect plays
    - And as an option in the settings you can enable if there is also a spoken word. In this case " Ball" just after the sound effect.

    So I think the idea is really simple but if i get something like this to work i can then expand my idea and work further.

    I have searched for templates in kids 2d section of unity store and there are lots of puzzles and games etc but they are way to advaced since you actually control something. I thought it would be faster to start on a blanc canvas.

    Who knows a template or tutorial that can help me with this. Or who can help me point the right way.

    I hope to hear from you guys.

    Kind regards,

  2. Joe-Censored


    Mar 26, 2013
    To do this in Unity will require writing code. I would be focusing on learning C# instead of how to do the the specific things you're trying to accomplish here, because even if you could find tutorials that exactly fit what you are trying to do they won't make much sense if you don't understand the code it is showing.

    There are many C# tutorials out there. You don't need to follow one that has anything to do with Unity, since Unity uses the same standard C# language.
  3. Nielssinke


    Nov 23, 2021
    Thank you for your reply. Yeah thats what i was afraid of. I will have to decide if i want to spend my time learning to code. Or just be at the graphical side of it.