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Question Significant performance drop on URP build on M1 Mac

Discussion in 'macOS' started by NatTheTacocat, Dec 2, 2023.

  1. NatTheTacocat


    Jun 10, 2022
    Hey all,

    When I create a build for my game, I am getting very low FPS (<20) for a 2D scene with < 50 objects even. It doesn't seem to be a huge issue in the editor, but even in the editor it hangs around 40-50 FPS. I am new to Unity development but have tried reading the documentation on profiling and cannot figure out what is causing this drop.

    I am using the 2d URP renderer, have the resolution set to 1920x1080, and am using Unity version 2022.3.3f1.

    I tried Deep Profiling the build, which shows that Rendering is likely causing the issue: Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 9.18.00 AM.png
    Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 9.17.45 AM.png
    I'm not really sure how to interpret the screenshots above otherwise. So my next idea was to profile the GPU usage. Apparently you cannot GPU profile within Unity for an M1 Mac, so I tried GPU profiling in Xcode like the documentation recommends:
    Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 9.15.11 AM.png
    On the memory tab, this says storage mode is incorrect, but I can't figure out how to change this since it seems to be Xcode specific...

    Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 9.15.33 AM.png
    On the bandwidth tab I see this Camera Depth Attachment but I can't figure out how to remove this attachment.

    Any help would be extremelyyyy appreciated, I am a first time solo dev and have been working at this for so many hours with no luck!