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SiFPS [Simple FPS]

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by DevonJavaScript, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. DevonJavaScript


    Feb 19, 2011
    Reason Why I Started SiFPS:
    Considering recently I went indie with my game development I have alot of time on my hands.
    So in my pursuit of making and or finding not only a high quality FPS but a fun game overall. I decided to make this game myself.​

    What is SiFPS?:​

    Well SiFPS is kinda the "slacking" name I picked. I did want to call it Simple First Person Shooter but it wasn't really that attractive to me. So I abbreviated the name a bit and I guess its what I will stick with for the time being. But aside from the name of the game, the game objective was to shoot for a game you can jump right in with or without friends and have a good time. Not saying Industry standards such as the Call of Duty franchise isn't good but it gets boring over time and at times, annoying. With that in mind, I also want to make a simple game I can build off of to make it really want a community wants instead of picking old ideas and using them in my preferences.

    Concept Art:

    ACR: (Not my artwork): found:
    Preview of page:
    Full link of Page:

    Revolver: (My Artwork)

    So far any concept art I make will be updated at a later date. Most all of these things such as Demos, Screenshots, and Reviews can be found here:

    Want to help out?:​

    My skill set may be wide, but there are still places it doesn't reach.
    As I am indie and fairly young, I have no money to pay other than a place and equal recognition for your work, time, and effort in helping me.
    So far I am mainly focused on programming as it's my main strong point in game development. All I need is 3D Models that aren't 1 - Copyrighted 2 - Used in other games 3 - Fit my means, As the game is for all many will see and credit is given.
    Please note that I am currently looking for a 3D Modeler to come on and work with me more commonly and will split the Art work-load with me.

    What I do ask of any models submitted:

    So as you read SiFPS is under production working towards reaching your span of playing. I hope you all enjoyed reading about SiFPS and If you wish to help out in any way that would be very appreciated by me and I will give full credit to any help I get!
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