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Feedback Shady Game Services Portal - doesn't Show Cost Structure! And No $$$ Limits.

Discussion in 'Lobby' started by najaa3d, Oct 2, 2023.

  1. najaa3d


    Jan 22, 2022
    So we're trying to decide on networking solution, and our first notion is to use NGO and Unity Game Services/Lobby/Relay -- as needed.

    From the UGS Dashboard, I click "Usage", and the Finance section says NOTHING about the cost structure of my contract... what are the thresholds where I start getting charged, and by how much?

    "Cost and Usage Reporting" page shows "current usage and Costs" but gives me no idea where the threshold is for me being charged.

    Currently it shows me "Lobby Bandwidth, usage = 0.002 GiB, Cost $0" -- but I have no idea about the "GiB" threshold where charges will begin to occur.

    Nowhere on this whole section can I find my contract!... this feels shady, like Unity doesn't want me to know the thresholds, so that charging can just creep up on me, even before release.

    I mean -- what if I accidently put in my code to do a "Lobby Query" every frame -- and it runs overnight -- will I wake up with $10K charge? I have no idea.

    Also - I see we can establish a "Budget" that sends a warning -- but no way to "auto-shutoff services" meaning that there is potential for UNLIMITED CHARGES - uncontrolled... which could happen while I'm sleeping.

    1. Add to the Cost/Usage Report - clear indications of the contract -- thresholds where charging will begin, and at what rate per unit. Give the dev a clear idea of the expected charges ahead of them. Don't conceal it.

    2. Provide AUTO-SHUTOFF Thresholds that we can set... and should already be set by default (for those new, there should be a $0 limit to say "hey, you've exceeded the free threshold and are starting to be charged"). So those who need to exceed the free limit can then raise this monthly (or cumulative) limit to something higher.

    Please don't let Unity project an image of shadiness. I'd rather pay per-seat licenses, or other fees (I want Unity to make money) -- but I do not want to be concerned about "pits/traps" that I fall into by surprise, and then "boom", am charged unexpectedly.

    This UGS with "no limits on charges" and "Data Usage Reporting" not indicating to me my contract thresholds and rates.... feels very shady, and makes my skin crawl.

    I'm now looking at FishNet instead. Which is a shame -- I'd prefer to give my well-deserved business to Unity, but not under shady premises. I want Unity to thrive and profit, thus why I'm giving you this feedback. I doubt I am alone on the feeling of shadiness that your UGS portal gives me.
  2. I think you're looking for this:
    It is linked from the UGS landing page

    But, more importantly...
    This has nothing to do with it. FishNet is a code library, it doesn't offer neither paid nor free backend services like Lobby, Relay or anything. You can replace NGO with it, but then you still need to find backend services somewhere either for free or paid ones.