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Shadows not casting with LWRP Lit Shader (Transparent Surface)

Discussion in 'Universal Render Pipeline' started by DirectK, Oct 13, 2019 at 1:53 AM.

  1. DirectK


    Sep 7, 2019
    Hi! I am trying to create a fade out effect on objects by periodically reducing the alpha channel of the material which works fine except casting shadows. My project is configured with LWRP (default settings) and I'm using the LWRP Lit Shader for the objects I am trying t fade out. When I use the surface type as Transparent, the shadows seem to stop casting on other objects. The Opaque surface type lets the shadows be cast from a directional light, although the fading effect wouldn't work anymore. On the forum, a solution implies using the Cutoff surface type instead of the Transparent one, though LWRP doesn't seem to offer this setting. Is this a limitation of the LWRP or am I missing a Light/Shader setting? Thanks.