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Feature Request ShaderGraph Ideas

Discussion in 'Shader Graph' started by Trindenberg, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Trindenberg


    Dec 3, 2017
    I'm no expert but just my first impressions using ShaderGraph!

    Custom Function
    • Would be nice if you could change the name, eg. the name becomes the name specified
    • Saw that creating your own nodes via Scripts is not currently possible, deprecated?

    • Some kind of junction box to connect and reposition wires. Not always going left to right
    • Maybe the ability to add a wire point node/dot, like when creating a bezier curve. Also useful if sending to more than 1 node (convert to straight line from a wire point). Wire point defines a straight connection, Nodes define a straight then curved connection
    • Wire colour customisation, for complex graphs (wires drawn as selected colour on a palette)

    • Ability to reverse the view of In/Out. So you could create diagrams left>right, right>left, left>right
    • Background colours could be dark red In, dark green Out for example (customizable)
    • Or, an arrow in the middle showing the direction
    • Dials would be a very nice addition to changing values (as used in complex music/synthesizer graphs). Hold both buttons for fine movement of dial

    • Would be nice to work on a grid / snap function. Also might then be easier for wires to procedurally create paths, eg. out>down>left>down>in rather than out>diagonally left/down>in
    • Dual switch boxes. eg. In (selection) Out1/2/... (2+ processes in between) In1/2/... (=selection) Out.

    Just some random thoughts for inspiration anyway :)
  2. Soundwolf776


    Mar 21, 2015
    Seconding this. Far as I understand, currently I have to make a subgraph 'wrapper' around the custom function node and use it to have a sensible node name and for keeping the input/outputs correctly named. If so, that's a lot of extra movements for a mundane task.

    On this note, can custom function nodes automatically grab the function name and inputs/outputs names from the referenced function the first time it's specified? Or maybe an "Update Node Names From Function" button?