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Bug ShaderCompiler out of memory

Discussion in '2022.2 Beta' started by MaxWitsch, Oct 24, 2022.

  1. MaxWitsch


    Jul 6, 2015
    Just reaching out to say that I got a little situation here.

    Shader Compilation can't execute and causes the GPU Driver to crash.
    It happens about 5 times a day.

    Curently I'm using Unity 2022.2.10b HDRP and haven't made any changes to the RP.
    The scene is extremely simple (Just some cubes).
    However I use APV for GI.

    The error mostly happens when a new material instance is created and gets compiled, or a scene is Loaded and new Shadervariants have to be compiled.

    I tried to disable Asynchronous Shader Compilation without success.
    The console still grumbles about my insufficient memory.

    If i had to guess, I would say the error exists since Unity 2022.2.0b.8


    It sometimes also causes Unity to crash.
    i promisse that if it happens next time i will report back with the dmp file.

    Im not sure if it is caused by my hardware, however here are my specs.
    I tried 2 Gpus
    • GTX1070
    • RTX2070s
    I reinstalled the Nvidia drivers.
    In terms of CPU, I have a I7-5930
    I've swapped out the system's memory and have always had at least 32GB.

    Still no success.
    I realy hope that its only my stupidity that causes that problems.
    But if the reason is with Unity, then I'm happy to share some more info.