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Question Shader with Alpha Transparency map not working in Build

Discussion in 'General Graphics' started by arcitek, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. arcitek


    Nov 5, 2019
    Hello, we have been working on interior room arch-viz type project where we have glass windows with pull down shades in front of the glass. The diffuse texture map used for the blinds has an alpha channel in it I am using to create the transparency of the blind material. I used the autodesk interactive shader to compile the various maps including Diffuse, Normal and Roughness. I used the Fade rendering mode in the shader to gain the transparency but I have the same issue if I use Fade or Transparent.

    The issue is this blind shows up perfectly well in the Unity Editor and even in game simulation mode. When we do the actual build for the project for IOS (Ipad), we totally loose the blind material, diffuse and transparency. This occurs only when we have the render type set as Deferred. It totally shows in Forward rendering. There are no realtime lights and the whole scene is lightbaked. All objects are static. We are using 2018 LTS

    What I am not understanding, is the glass asset itself shows its transparency well either way. I understand that there have been or can be issues with transparent materials using Deferred but if that is the case, how is my glass working? Also, I am trying to understand why a diffuse map with an alpha channel is difficult for the Deferred renderer?

    I have read a couple of other posts but they do not seem to address my issue. I have seen some address how transpaarent objects are ordered, issues with glass and some other things but nothing on what I am doing with lightbaking.
  2. syscrusher


    Jul 4, 2015
    I haven't built shaders in Autodesk (I use either Amplify Shader Editor, or hand-coding), but is there a parameter in the Autodesk environment that controls whether the generated shader supports forward and/or deferred rendering? Similarly, is there a setting for the shader pass that stipulates a minimum Shader Model (SM) target, e.g., SM 4.0 etc.?

    Check also the IOS target device to see what SM and rendering modes it supports. If it's a current device, it should be able to support what you need. Once you know what your target devices can support, try running your app in the Unity editor and set the SM simulation for play mode to force the same SM as the target.

    If this doesn't help, then post another reply here. One thing you didn't mention is how the shader "not working" manifests -- are you getting the pink default material, or is the blind invisible?