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Unity Shader Graph Resources

Discussion in 'Shader Graph' started by alexandral_unity, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. alexandral_unity


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 18, 2018
    This is a collection of available resources for getting started with the Shader Graph tool, available in Unity 2018.1 and higher.

    Please note that Shader Graph is continuously in development. We’re always adding new features, capabilities, and fixing bugs. As such, some tutorials or references might be using an out of date version of the tool. Some specific features or workflows might not be available in the current version. Double check with official Unity documentation or blogs/forum updates from staff members for up to date information.

    If you have any questions about the tool, feel free to ask in this forum. Our amazing community members and staff can try to help you out!

    Shader Graph has a public roadmap available via Product Broad. See cards for upcoming tasks, vote on cards, or suggest your own for us to review!

    Getting Started with Shader Graph
    Shader Graph is automatically loaded into your project when you install a Scriptable Render Pipeline, such as our Lightweight or High Definition Render Pipelines. These can be installed in the project via the Package Manager.

    To install Shader Graph, go to Windows > Package Manager and find either the Lightweight or High Definition render pipeline. Install this package in your project, and Shader Graph will be included. These packages can be installed in new or existing projects in Unity versions 2018.1 and higher.

    Shader Graph can also be found in the Lightweight or High Definition Render Pipeline templates when creating a new project.

    Once the tool is installed in your project, a new Shader Graph can be created via the Create menu, under the Shader sub-menu. Simply double-click the newly-created asset in your Project Window to open the graph and get started.

    Official Shader Graph documentation

    GDC 2019 Shader Graph Updates from Matt Dean
    • Updates on new features available to the Shader Graph in engine versions 2019.1 and higher.

    GDC 2018 Introduction from Andy Touch
    • This video was made using an older version of Shader Graph. The process of loading the graph into the project may have changed with newer versions.
    Official Unity Community Discord server
    • Conversations about the Shader Graph should be contained to the #shaders channel.

    • This server is intended for quick discussions. If you have a longer discussion topic or in-depth question, please create a new post on the forum instead.

    • Read all of the rules and code of conduct before participating in the server.
    Blog Posts about Shader Graph
    Art That Moves: Creating Animated Materials with Shader Graph
    • This blog post outlines creating stylized animated materials in Shader Graph.
    Shader Graph Updates and Sample Project
    • This post showcases some basics of creating foliage animations in Shader Graph.
    Unity 2018.3 Shader Graph Update: Lit Master Node
    • This post shows off how to use High Definition specific features for high fidelity materials in Shader Graph.
    Creating an Interactive Vertex Effect using Shader Graph
    • This post walks you through how to create a material with vertex displacement in Shader Graph.
    Sample Assets and Tutorials
    A lot of sample projects and assets can be found in the blog posts linked above.

    Andy Touch’s Shader Graph Sample Library
    • Andy Touch created this handy library of sample graphs showing a variety of shaders. Some materials in this library may not function out of the box in newer versions of the tool.
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