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Help Wanted Shader Graph Fresnel Not Working Outside of Editor

Discussion in 'Shader Graph' started by epetryshyn_unity, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. epetryshyn_unity


    Jul 5, 2019
    Hello, I have recently been having issues getting a fresnel effect to highlight gameobjects properly when testing on Android mobile devices, but it looks fine in Unity Editor. The Fresnel Shader created using a PBR Shader Graph had been working up until now on other assets, but not on some recently imported assets. On these new assets, the shader looks like the images attached below. The shader's effect looks very different based on which side of the dice is facing up. The Glow Power = 0.7 and the Glow Color is always Blue.

    I am using Unity 2019.4.5f1 and Shader Graph version 7.3.1. And the dice shown is from the Unity Asset Store "3D Props - Adorable Items".

    Any insight as to why the highlight is turning out the way it is and not just highlighting around the edges would be appreciated.

    Attached Files: