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Bug Set Collection Size Box Location / Inoperability

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by stfunity, Feb 27, 2024.

  1. stfunity


    Sep 9, 2018
    Hey so this is a recent thing I've noticed since going to various versions of 2023 Editor on Windows, currently seeing it on 2023.2.7 - when you right click on an array or list in the inspector and select "Set Collection Size", for some reason due to my editor being maximized and the offset the box has by default, it places it literally behind my taskbar. Also I'm pretty sure it's hiding the confirm button completely offscreen - and of course it's not draggable and doesn't change to a better position if you un-maximize.


    You can see at bottom, I literally have to unlock my taskbar to go type in a number.

    Also, those little SetCollectionSize windows have never really behaved right, and should be draggable with some kind of reasonable bounds limit within the editor window or position recall generically by gui position - if they dragged the set collection size to be pixel relative -100x, +30y of the array line in the inspectorGUI, call any others in the same relative position until it's moved again. Keep it relative to the element so it doesn't get out of bounds on single screen monitors or god forbid multiple.