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Bug Sequences, HDRP, and lighting - weird delay until you select the light object (?)

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by akent99, Jun 7, 2022.

  1. akent99


    Jan 14, 2018
    I am having a go at moving from the built in render pipeline to HDRP. One thin I have noticed with Sequences is when I select a new sequence, any light objects in that sequence become active, but the light does not actually shine until I select them in the scene hierarchy. I don't have to modify them, just single click on them.

    I assume some calculation is being cached, and selecting the game object somehow makes Unity realize that Sequences has activated lights for that scene so it better start showing them. (I am not sure this *always* happen, but it does happen frequently.) Maybe after a Sequence activating game objects it needs to do another pass for lights to make sure they really turn on?

    Oh, for extra detail, I have a sequence with 2 lights in it. I upgraded recently, going through old sequences to see if they are still working. I activate a sequence - the lights don't go on. I select (single click in scene hierarchy) and that light goes on. I single click the other light (again, no changes made, just single clicking on it) and the second light goes on. Both should have been on immediately. I then went to another sequence and came back - the lights were on immediately (no need to select the game objects).