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Sequences and HDRP Volumes (like clouds etc)

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by akent99, Sep 3, 2022.

  1. akent99


    Jan 14, 2018
    I am trying to use Sequences with HDRP but having all sorts of problems. A part of the problem is if you change say the Volumetric Clouds between sequences, it takes a while to cross-fade. You have to leave a few seconds play time at the start of a Sequence to make sure everything has faded in.

    For example, frame 1 of a video clip:

    A few frames later the color settles down and is consistent for the rest of the shot.

    Are there fade values I can change to get instant cuts between shots? Or do I just have to always leave a few seconds at the start of a sequence to get it to work? (I might need to do that anyway, as I frequently get hair flopping around at the start of a sequence as well.)

    I also don't get all the effects changing reliably jumping between scenes. E.g. I rendered the above video clip, then exited Unity and came back the next day and did a new render. Lighting looks completely different! The clouds disappeared, the coloring and shadows look different, very very annoying. It feels like it is not refreshing caches or something reliably as I jump around sequences.


    For example, clicking around a few different shots and the clouds came back (!!). I did not change anything. No errors in the Console either. All I did was click into different sequences. I did not even move the playhead!

    Is HDRP not a good idea with the Sequences package for now?