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Question Separated server NuGets

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by adeutscher, Nov 18, 2023.

  1. adeutscher


    Sep 14, 2020
    Hello all,

    I'm planning a Unity project that uses a client/server setup.

    At some point in the process I will want to sanitize the client to not include server logic, and I see that I can use pre-processing directives as described in Unity documentation to filter out certain C# code. The wrinkle is that the server shall be using some NuGet packages to access back-end APIs that I would also like to omit from a sanitized client build.

    I understand that I can have Editor/Unit-Test-land-only NuGet packages (such as if I wanted to use Moq) by putting the DLLs within an Editor directory, but is there a similar option available to include/exclude certain DLLs on certain types of release builds?

    If there is not such a setting, then my Plan B is described in the bullet points below. If they are even necessary, do these steps sound reasonable?
    • Server-only NuGets would be placed in a separate directory from any client NuGets that I might use. This will either need me to go manual with my DLL placement or make a fork of one of the NuGet support plugins to have some kind of an "Install for Server" button.
    • Sanitized builds would go off of a fresh checkout of the project so that I can do destructive things.
    • The server-only plugin directory would be deleted, and any code that would miss the DLLs would be walled off behind preprocessor directives (or deleted as well, if I'm being destructive anyways).