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Looking For Project Senior programmer looking for fun past time project.

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by vincekieft, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. vincekieft


    May 18, 2013
    Hey there,

    My name is Vince, i am a senior software developer with vast experience (8+ years) in game development, software development, application development, backend infrastructure design and development, 3D art (modeling, retopo, unwrapping and texturing) and UI / UX design. Next to my job as an senior software developer i am looking for a fun group of people to create a realisticly scoped indie game with since game development is still my passion.

    What i look for in a project:
    - The scope of the project should be realistic for a small group of indie developers. So dont ask me to join your next gen MMO RPG project since its a dead end.
    - Experienced team members. I have done my fair share of junior projects and i am not looking for that experience again. You and optionally the other team members should be medior or senior in their field.
    - Royalty share if the project is finished and released.
    - A clear and well defined proposal. Please take your time in writing me and try to convince me that your project is worth putting in the time.
    - Atleast two other developers actively working on the project.
    - Fellow developers should have good Englisch communication skills and fun to work with.

    What i can do for a project:
    - Every aspect of programming from game mechanics, backend programming, to making my own game engine (still i prefer to use unity :p)
    - Languages: C#, C++, GLSL, Java, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Typescript, Python and the usual stuff like HTML and CSS
    - Agile managing projects
    - Game design
    - Infrastructure design
    - Math like Algebra and Linear algebra

    If you are looking for somebody like me please contact me via mail:

    Thanks for the read and looking forward to hearing from you :p