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Senior 2D Graphic Artist for a New Indie Games Studio

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by jerzyn, Aug 20, 2021.

  1. jerzyn


    Jun 18, 2020
    What if games were more collaborative, and what if the AI was so smart and engaging it made them magical? At Timewarp, our mission is to create new and engaging cooperative games that include a heavy dose of clever AI. From these games, we're also working to create tools that make such experiences easier to create. We hope these tools could be used to improve games, work environments and remote collaboration.

    Right now, we're working on our first commercial title code-named “Mafia Pigs”. It is a multiplayer coop game in which you and your friends navigate through a bizarre world to upend the balance of power in the Pig Mafia.

    The company is a newly founded indie studio and has its primary working locations in Barcelona, Spain, and Prague in Czechia.

    We'd love to have you come on this journey with us!

    As a Senior 2D Graphic Artist Developer, you will be developing and implementing the key graphical elements of the Mafia Pigs game, including characters, environment, and User Interface. You'll have a key role in making these areas of the game consistent and engaging for players.

    You'll also be bringing your knowledge of best practices and processes to the team.

    Key parts of the role include:

    • Design and implementation of key characters, environmental features, and UI elements of the game based on concept art and other inputs,
    • Having a real influence on the shape of the game itself, as well as the graphical direction, by taking part in the decision-making process
    • Playtesting our creation until the wheels drop off,
    • Sharing your knowledge of digital art best practices, workflows, and design,
    • Involvement in cooperation and AI platform development efforts.
    In this role, you will be the principal artist on the team, but you will not be on your own. We'll scope the work to ensure it's achievable, and other team members, as well as potential external resources, will help work on key items as needed.

    In terms of skills, our ideal candidate would:

    • Have extensive knowledge of game art best practices (especially in 2D, animation and VFX) and industry-standard art creation tools. Working knowledge of Unity game engine.
    • Have great fundamental art skills (lighting, color, volume, anatomy, composition) and knowledge of graphic design principles.
    • Be proficient in keeping a set of artistic elements coherent as well as developing the individual assets that make up the world,
    • Be proficient in the creation of digital assets, including images, sprites and basic animations, to be used in a Unity Game Environment,
    • Be able to help (hands-on) if necessary in enabling the game development team to make use of the resulting assets,
    • Have a keen eye for detail and the ability to know what good art looks like, as well as be able to give clear directions for how to get there,
    • Be comfortable working productively with English as the company working language,
    • Be awesome to work with (see below!).
    Everyone is different and has a different life experience. If you're excited by the role but aren't sure if you fit all of the above, then get in touch: we're more interested in your strengths than minor skill or experience gaps!

    Why Timewarp and you?
    Timewarp is a young company, but we have big plans! Our focus is on collaborative game experiences with a high degree of cooperation between players and AI systems. We think some truly unique, fresh game experiences can be created this way. Our first game, "Mafia Pigs", takes on this challenge, and we're working hard to make it truly unique.

    Our mission goes beyond a single game, however. In the long run, we aim to keep producing more great games and extract capabilities from these games to make it easier for others to create even better experiences. Through this, we'll be serving other game creators and hopefully many more players and working individuals.

    Our company culture is very open and highly collaborative. We aim to listen well, capture ideas and innovate. Everyone on the team is empowered to work the way they wish and make progress autonomously without the need for constant sign-offs from others. We're highly supportive of remote work and believe that there is a huge value in spending some of the time working together in person.

    Apart from your core competence, we're hoping you will be:

    • An empathetic listener,
    • Caring and kind in your feedback to others,
    • In love with learning,
    • Motivated to deliver great things for the players of the game,
    • Confident enough to voice your opinions even if you are unsure of them,
    • Autonomous enough to make decisions even if not all the data is available,
    • But not so opinionated you won't listen to others.
    Lastly, you will be working directly with the founders of the company, and have you'll also have a strong voice in how the company evolves and what it will take to make it great.

    Pay Range
    The pay range for this role is 30,000 - 40,000 Euros annually, depending on experience.

    Application Process
    Filling this role in the right way is a priority for the whole team, and we also want you to be sure you're making the right decision. As such, the hiring process will include the opportunity to meet the whole team, a small graphic design assignment (no more than 2hrs work), and a discussion session on a topic of your choice. There will be opportunities to ask us questions as well.

    If you're interested, please email with your interest. Please include a brief CV and pointers to any online pages of relevance (LinkedIn profile, Artstation or other portfolios, etc.) as well as any other content you would like to share.