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Question Sending images to HoloLens via UDP using FMETP STREAM3.0

Discussion in 'AR' started by unity_01838EF3D56FF9D4288B, Jan 3, 2023.

  1. unity_01838EF3D56FF9D4288B


    Oct 26, 2022
    I created a server which sends images via UDP to a HoloLens. However upon receiving the images, the HoloLens becomes very slow and the images it receives are mostly corrupted with the exception of a little section from the top of the image. The same code/project works fine when received by a PC.

    The project is running on Unity 2019.4.40f1. I am using the FMETP STREAM 3.0 asset package from the Unity store in order to accept the UPD packages and decode them. The images being sent are 680X480 resolution JPEG and my initial tests range from 15 to 20fps.

    My question is: Has anyone also run into this kind of problem? Has anyone managed to get the HoloLens to stream images received over UDP?

    The server is simple, I have a version in both Python and in C++ which encodes an image into JPEG and sends it to the HoloLens address. The reason I am using UDP over TCP is to avoid any additional latency.

    The pipeline on Unity is as follows:
    The Network Manager from the FMETP STREAM 3.0 then receives the incoming bytes:

    At which time it will decode the images and send for display in a RawImage object attached to a Canvas object:

    Is there anything that I am missing or doing wrong? The pipeline is fairly straightforward and it works on other PCs which leads me to believe it might not be a network issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Attached Files: