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Selling gamereadymodels.

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by geo_n, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. geo_n


    Apr 1, 2010
    I have a bunch of models here that I made for different projects and at work. in different categories
    However they are not low poly especially the cars are subd models. They are in lightwave format and some I converted to obj. Would these kind of models be of interest to unity3D users?
    How would I make them perfect or gameready models? Thanks.
  2. brn


    Feb 8, 2011
    Nice work Geo_n

    Your lowest sub div on your cars will be a start for your low poly mesh. If you project the High poly mesh normals on to those and bake out some normal maps you will be well on your way to some great real time assets. Wheels and tires would probably benefit from being re topologized before projecting and baking normals. The actual polycount will be subjective to the game. to give an example only of the polycounts you could aim for Ive given you some rough estimations below . Keep the size of your polys and position of your verts as even as you can so if your models are to be deformed they do so without tearing or creating spikes. Its also worth aligning rows of verts between interior and exterior geometry for the same reason.

    It may be worth suppling two versions of each rez. Unity is very draw call limited, actualy thats unfair a lot of engines are. because of this many would benefit from having models with as few unique mesh elements as possible, where as others will want the flexibility of having doors open and close windscreens smash out ect. Use as few materials as you can on your models. creating a texture page that caters for as many elements as possible is a huge performance boost.

    60k interior thats segmented into at least quarters so it can be rejected by the camera frustrum for in car first person cameras. PC
    30k interior PC, Xbox, ps3
    15k interior Wii, PC, Xbox, ps3, some portables
    5k interior Wii, PC, Xbox, ps3,portables (

    60k H irez PC,( closeups only for, Xbox, Ps3, although with care full scene management they could be used in game as well )
    40k Medium rez PC, ( Xbox, Ps3, general in game rez)
    20k Wii, - PC,Xbox, Ps3 low to medium rez - Some portables high rez
    10k portables - And all the above as low rez models
    5k all platforms - low rez
    2k all platforms - low rez

    Layout your Uv's to be unique, to allow people to add customizable decals easily, Use as much of your texture space as you can and layout them as evenly as you can, so again decals and damage effects can be applied easily.

    as you can see creating a car for games is a very intensive affair if its to be done well. In big studios its often the domain of a specialist working in conjunction with a technical artist who will set up the car to suit physics and damage models. But thats another story :)

    I hope this helps somewhat.