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SEGV_MAPERR in Android Build

Discussion in 'Android' started by fredpointzero, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. fredpointzero


    May 24, 2011
    Hi all,

    We ran into a seg fault error on our android devices, maybe someone has an advice or a clue to share ? Or any tools to help us to pin down the issue ?

    What we found so far while investigating :
    1. It happens on our low/mid end android devices
    - Xiaomi Redmi 2 (Android 4.4.4) (8 crash / 10 try)
    - Archos Helium 50 4G (Android 4.3) (7 crash / 10 try)
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (Android 4.4.2) (8 crash / 10 try)
    But not on :
    - Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 (Android 6.0) (0 crash / 10 try)

    2. It happens on the same screen after doing the same action
    (Actually pressing a button, modifying the game state and displaying another screen)

    3. While investigating the stack trace, it appears to be UI related.
    ( #00 pc 00139170 /mnt/asec/com.gaminho.tennisace-2/lib/ (GameObject::IsActive() const+8)
    #01 pc 009806d4 /mnt/asec/com.gaminho.tennisace-2/lib/ (UI::CanvasManager::AddDirtyRenderer(UI::Canvas*, UI::CanvasRenderer*)+36)
    #02 pc 0097ee8c /mnt/asec/com.gaminho.tennisace-2/lib/ (UI::CanvasRenderer::SetMesh(Mesh*)+880) )

    4. It happens with both mono2x and IL2CPP backends. (but less often with the IL2CPP backend)

    We suspect that it is related to a bottleneck, but after cpu optimization and draw calls optimization, the issue still occurs

    I attached several stack traces from different devices with the crash.

    (I tried the ndk-stack utility, but did not succeed to get usefull information)

    Best regards,
  2. CptDustmite


    Jun 17, 2014