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Looking For Contributor Seeking people who want to make a difference

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by RedEagle_MGN, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. RedEagle_MGN


    Dec 31, 2015
    It's been heartbreaking to see the virtual world industry taken over by those who want to provide as little value as possible while asking as much as possible.

    NFTs claiming to be usable in the “Metaverse,” so called “Metaverses” which would not pass for games 10 years ago. Sadly, the virtual industry is quickly becoming synonymous with the words scam and ponzi scheme.

    It's sad to see people schilling coins and NFTs without even revealing their vested interest, something that's illegal where I'm from.

    Let's make a positive impact

    I'd like to team up with those people who want to create real value and learn what it takes to build real meaningful connections in a virtual space.

    I've been doing social experiments for 8 years now to see what it takes to connect people in virtual spaces and I found that the first step is to create fun. A lot of people go to these virtual worlds and have nothing to do but games have the power to break the ice between people and get people cooperating and talking. We need to motivate players through fun.

    That's why I’d like to create a team dedicated to creating as much fun as possible in a digital space.
    The goal will be to discover what it takes to get people around the world to connect and build a real sense of civilization in a digital space.

    Rather than building the next big virtual world the goal will be to build simple games which will grow our design knowledge by getting large amounts of user feedback. Will be inviting these gamers into our space and inviting them to stream their play so that we can better understand how to serve the market.

    Getting things done

    I'm not looking to partner up with "hangers on," I've already put in about 1,000 hours of work so far before reaching out and I'm interested in people who are hungry to do stuff and not just talk ideas. Even if it's just for 2 hours a week I like working with people who have integrity and cover tasks they volunteer to take on without needing to be followed up on often.

    I already have people to take care of all the organization and I really believe in delivering micro-specific tasks with a clear date on them. I like to do nothing that is not already on a board and very clear and how it's being done and who's doing it and when it will be done by so that there are no blockers or dependencies.

    Role we need filled
    Administration -- This can be as simple as taking data from one place to another to stats gathering to helping out in many different small tasks anyone can do
    Artist -- 3D blender art, magica voxel art
    Programmer -- C# Unity
    Animator -- Rigging and animating of characters
    Composer -- Music creation Video editor -- Trailer creation and social media stuff
    Producer -- People who can make sure the work moves along end hits the target

    We already have:
    Team: I already recruited some producers, designers, marketers, programmers, artists, and many other talents and we meet daily.
    Mentors: I have assembled a team of mentors with as much as 18 years of experience in the industry with companies like EA and Ubisoft.
    Positioning: I am connected with hedge fund managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs from across the industry as I run a sort of chamber of commerce for virtual world businesses.
    Rev-share: You should not come expecting compensation even though we have a revenue-share agreement because our focus is on research. Right now our goal is to publish a standalone unity game to get as much feedback as possible for players. However, the game industry is a hits driven business and therefore we are calculating for 0. Don’t come in expecting funds.
    Work ethic: What I can promise you that you will never outwork me.

    Join the project:
    To learn more about what we’re up to or sign up, see:
    You can also spy on us here:

    My vision:

    I have a big vision that one day the Metaverse will hold most of our most precious moments. The Metaverse is the idea that one day we will live the most meaningful part of our lives in virtual worlds.

    Often pitched as a glorious new future, the Metaverse has the potential to become our worst enemy.

    See, we are at a very particular point in history:

    "The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide."
    1️⃣ Wealth inequality is rampant
    2️⃣ Political polarization is at its peak
    3️⃣ National debt and money printings is out of control.

    It's in these sorts of times that freedom breaks down. We stop tolerating each other's divided opinions and enact laws and elect shady leaders to "deal with" those who we disagree with.

    It's in this backdrop that one of the most ground-breaking technologies ever is rising. The Metaverse.
    Just as we moved from farms to cities in the industrial revolution, we will move from physical to virtual in the next 20-25 years.

    Once we no longer need to build a whole building to create a school. Once we are no longer restricted to the "local" to find teachers. Just imagine what this does *just* to education. So will it be with most industries.
    Sadly, in the midst of this epic revolution, the potential for the greatest harm to human freedom exists.

    If the future of the world is controlled by big corporations we are in for a mess.

    But it's not a company looking over my shoulder that scares me, it's who is looking over his shoulder.
    In the future, everything we do will be tracked. Where we look, who we associate with, where we are, what we are interested in, our political and religious values and every single word we speak will be heard by the machine and put in a profile with your name on it.

    That data must never get into the hands of any government because it will be the ideal tool to oppress its people.

    Now more than ever, we need to band together and fight for what we believe in. A virtual future that is liberating and not oppressing.

    Leadership style

    In general the principles of an effective volunteer team like this are (1) maximum communication, (2) maximum organization and individual responsibility.

    =============== On the Kanban board ===============
    -- No tasks without deadlines
    -- No overly board tasks or tasks which lack details
    -- No tasks without a clear lead assignee
    -- No tasks not listed on the board

    =============== In meetings ===============

    ===== Fixing problems immediately =====

    Don't ever do tomorrow what can be done today. We have the temptation to put off tasks and to push them back and that's how they never get done. Moreover, many organizations are plagued by decision-making times that lead to weeks of delay and terrible agile performance:

    Part of being agile is fixing problems and dealing with issues right away so that stuff doesn't get pushed back and pushed back. Companies are not paid for their ideas they're paid for products that are actually delivered.
    Sadly, I've been in so many organizations where they ask to “circle back” on something in another meeting. This is necessary to some degree if there are a lot of problems and the organization is huge but we must remember our greatest asset is that we are small. We need to act small while we are small so we can be agile enough to beat the big guys. It’s how indies beat AAA companies.


    Unfortunately, as human beings we have the temptation that if something is due later we put it out of our mind. When problems and blockers come up we need to fix them live rather than setting a date. In some cases this means moving people to another chat to talk about it right away and in other cases this means everyone discussing the issue and solving the problem right then and there.

    ===== Individual responsibility =====

    Individual spotlight -- Whenever anything is addressed to a group each individual believes it is addressed to everyone but them. There's a temptation to say answering this question is somebody else's job. That's why I like to address questions directly to individuals as much as possible.

    Asking questions that require an understanding of what's going on -- It's really easy to slip under the radar and not really understand what's happening, questions which require an understanding of what's happening are a great way to dig deep and make sure no one gets left behind.

    ===== Empowering team leaders =====

    “To get something done right you must do it yourself” … it's probably the worst quote of all time.

    As much as humanly possible we should push our team leaders to speak to their teams in the public meetings. Team leaders should manage the cards for their team and relay with their team. It's our way of fostering the beginnings of what will be a more fruitful relationship in private later on.
    With volunteer teams there's less incentive to spend lots of time as you would in an ordinary job. Meetings are an opportunity to begin relationships that would otherwise not form. We must not make the mistake of thinking that as a remote volunteer team we can get away with practices that are common in companies, we need to foster community and relationships though the team leaders.

    Join the project:
    To learn more about what we’re up to or sign up, see:

    You can also spy on us here:
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