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Games Security Staff - Isometric satirical simulator game

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by orloKun, Jan 9, 2024.

  1. orloKun


    Jan 9, 2016
    • Intro
      • Hey everyone! My name is Orlando Guerrero. I'm a game designer/developer from Chile. After working for a couple of years in the industry in different roles, I am trying to strengthen my creative portfolio as a Game designer/Technical Game designer/Narrative Designer.
    • Summary of the project
      • For starters, I am building a game called 'Security Staff'. It is a 3d Isometric security management simulator. I like to think of it as a crossover between Papers, Please, and Untitled Goose Game (among other inspirations) with a central tower defense-like mechanic.
      • The idea is to make it a game with borderline moral decisions you are placed on by the store owners, who will dictate the main boundaries on how to run the store's security (aggressively, quietly, etc).
      • In-game you manage the security issues (thefts, fights, scandals, general disruptions) in public stores. You start with little budget and XP, but then gain access to bigger venues with more customers and possible events, and also better equipment for the job (guards, traps, items, etc).
      • Besides the isometric gameplay view, there is a backstage Office scene in which you manage calls and info about the social landscape. Here you can get new jobs, find new Item Suppliers, and watch the store from afar.
    • Visual media
    upload_2024-1-9_12-17-12.png upload_2024-1-9_12-17-33.png

    • Latest Updates:
    • Current features:
      • Dialogue and decision system
      • Items Base Behavior (Guards and cameras can be placed and see targets)
      • Customer NPC Behavior (Customers access the stores and look for products. They analyze if they can steal them and do it based on their stats and the product's stats)
      • Profile and level management.
      • Jobs, Stores, Items, and products data management.
    • Roadmap for the project:
      • Target: Create a playable prototype that represents the main systems and the narrative potential of the game through one level and a few work days (30-minute gameplay approx).
      • Future Features:
        • Connect Items and NPC behaviors (run-away, chase, catch, fights, use traps, weapon items in guards, etc)
        • Improve NPC behavior tree for balanced-spontaneous events (between customers conversations/discussions/fights/weird events)
        • Create particular events for different days and jobs to develop the narrative elements and structure of the game.
    • Feedback Request!:
      • I've been thinking, as a way to give this prototype project a closure, to create a Kickstarter campaign. Do you think the idea has potential? I am not a 3d or visual artist, how necessary is it to have great art for a prototype project like this?
      • What mechanics or narrative ideas do you think would be cool in a game like this? I can give more setting details if you want. For now, any reference or idea is welcome :D
    Thanks a Lot!
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