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Bug SDF bake tool not baking... returns kernel InBucketSum not found. Unity 2021.3.0f1

Discussion in 'Visual Effect Graph' started by codevisionary005, Aug 31, 2022.

  1. codevisionary005


    Nov 15, 2021
    I am trying to assign a SDF to a signed distance field to use in the VFX graph, but when I assign the mesh I want to bake into an SDF, It doesn't bake and returns 1 error and 1 warning.
    ArgumentException: Kernel 'InBucketSum' not found
    and the warning is
    Dispose() should be called explicitly when an MeshToSDFBaker instance is finished being used
    . I researched all over the web and couldn't find anything about this error. I've tried re-importing, restarting. It would be sincerely appreciated if you help in this issue.

    Reproduction steps -
    Open Unity 2021.3.0f1.
    Create VFX graph gameobject and VFX graph asset.
    Open SDF bake tool from windows > Visual effects > Utilities > SDF bake tool
    Assign Mesh
    Press Bake Mesh.