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Bug ScrollBars are not selectable -- The Pain The Pain

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by KarlKarl2000, Oct 3, 2020.


How do you feel about the scrollbar width?

  1. 1. Too narrow. I misclick often.

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  2. 2. It's fine. I don't misclick.

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  1. KarlKarl2000


    Jan 25, 2016
    Hi @willgoldstone @MartinTilo

    All scrollbars in the editor are a bit too narrow.

    Can we please have mega-super-fatter-thick-boy scrollbars? or at least allow us to adjust the scrollbar size independent of the Editor? I tried setting the UI SCALING in preferences to 160%, but everything becomes super condensed.

    It hurts productivity misclicking the wrong tool. This happens in the animator controller, inspector, hierarchy, project and any other part of Unity Editor that has scrollbars.

    In the GIF, you can see there's roughly 5 pixels worth of space to select the scroll bar before you select something else.

    Thanks so much!