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screen reader accessibility for unity

Discussion in 'External Tools' started by visionman50, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. visionman50


    Dec 19, 2017
    hi. a game programming student and using the jaws for windows screen reader from unity is falling down in accessibility. and will outline the pitfalls and the possible fixes. unity has a low priority for the blind and is breaking the americans with dsiabilities act and also the americans with disabilities section 508 act, which in part, says that apps, products, services must be accessible for the blind. some parts of unity, does read, but others don't. there's a new accessibility ui, pack, not free, but costs $79. but don't have a credit card or paypal, and don't have a cell phone. must be the only blind person in australia, does not have this. okay if any senior management, or programmers, if allowed to modify source code. will explain how a screen reader works. you either purchase a paid copy of jaws or you use a free windows screen reader , Non Visual Desktop Access, (nvda) from then it will then use a text to speech engine to convey what is on screen in a nanno second and then output to the user, in synthetic speech, and the user can hear what is on screen and use the keyboard to navigate. so, will outline the flaws and possible remedies. 1. the developers of unity, should have tested the engine with two or three screen readers, then they could have picked up potentional issues. 2. Start screen, nvda and windows narrator only reads with that, jaws, just struggles. 3. In a web browser, the screen reader injects some code into the browser, to get the information, as dll and hooks. 3. no keyboard short cut to turn off start screen. 4. some keyboard short cuts, but none for in the preferences dialog. 5. the preferences and external dialog fails to speak at all using jaws, nvda, windows narrator and Window-eyes, from, which has been no longer being sold, as freedom scientific purchase gwmicro. but still can get the free window-eyes for office, which i downloaded, as have a full copy of office 2016, 32 bit. 5. when in a scene, could tell screen reader coocrdinates of objects, how far bottom, top, left right, centre, or how far over, and not to collide. 6. does not read the tree view at all with four screen readers. NVDa does read the start screen, and able to create a new game, but not able to determine which version. should be a way to go straight to the editor. and bypass or turn off the start screen. 7. C# scripts load fine in visual studio. had to get sighted help to set up the external editor for that and got the unity visual studio tools. wish there was visual studio templates for that. so, if any accessibility gurus, here on the group or posting to the wrong forum sub group. have contacted unity , support. but, they cannot seem to understand. so, test it with several screen readers, and also try system access. you can get a trial 7 day licence for testing. or also you can purchase a timed 90 day licence for jaws for testing accessibility for applications, web sites, apps. using windows 10 64 bit pro, jaws 2018 version 18.120, latest febuary update, got nvda 2018.1, and got window-eyes 9.5.4. so, is there a accessibility dept on unity. so, if any of management, if we are not allowed to modify the core source code, for screen readers, then , unity has to make the changes. if they are not willing to make the necessary changes, i outlined. and any others they may encounter, needs accessibility testing and code modification. the only accessible game engine for the blind is blast bay studios, i think or and they use angel script, and does have some limitations, and for audio, 2d, and 3d, unless unity wants to purchase bgt, and has not been updated in years. pity, not mroe accessible game engines. if unity is not willing to come to the party, the only way, is for the blindness agencies, launch class actions, which they have done in the past and been successful, against such corporations as target, for not making their site accessible, and was awarded damages, against target, and had to pay the nfb to make their site accessible. just my two cents, and just a one blind programming student, and want to use unity, but some of it is not accessible. final thought. compile, works fine and the setup and the sln and slx file in visual studio works fine.
  2. dmakfinskyDeloitte


    Jun 8, 2017
    Have you resolved this issue? Looking to do something similar.