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Scifi Level Kit

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Hedgehog-Team, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. MrDude


    Sep 21, 2006
    I am still hung up on the bad scale :(

    I have nothing but good things to say about how good this asset looks but I want to be able to use those lovely demo scenes without having to spend hours redoing the lights. It's been years already, can't you just fix it and be done with it?

    Maybe you made a mistake years ago by using a wrong scale and now you are afraid that it might break existing projects... well I say that projects started 4 years ago are either done by now or they are never going to be but all people STILL using your asset or who ARE going to use the asset in future will suffer the fate of having to fix your mistake first... every time they use your asset! That sucks.

    There are a number of ways in which to fix the scale in a matter of seconds so the fact that you screwed up on that front can be overlooked easily enough as it can be fixed in seconds (either scale the demo scene, scale the prefabs or just adjust the import size of the models themselves) but you give us these gorgeous levels to start with and then make them useless since scaling them makes the lights so useless that it literally looks like I am walking around at night time...

    If you are not going to fix the years old mistake of wrongly scaled models, can you at least just fix the demo scenes so they are usable without me having to spend hours to make them so every time I try to make use of the asset?

    I had a POC I had to do and had one day to do it in. I could have used any scene from any asset but I figured I'd use this beautiful asset and truly wow the client... then rediscovered that the scene was useless and would eat up more than half my day just to fix what should have been ready right out of the box... As a result this kit had to go again and once again go back on the pile of "never used this" assets since the next time I use it I will have to go through the same tedious task... and then again... and again.... and next time also... then the next time too...

    This asset is by far the most beautiful asset on my worthless pile. What a shame :(

    Hell, if you are so concerned with the people who haven't finished their projects in the last 4 years, can't you just fix up the demo scene lighting and export the scene as a separate package people can import? All you have to do is export the fixed scene as a package but NOT select any textures or meshes when you export the package. Now when that package (included in a folder in the asset or as a free download from your website) is opened up it will load the scene correctly. It will require your kit to be installed and will then use the meta info from your various assets to build the scene so no graphics or meshes are required and anyone without your kit can do nothing with that asset anyway so you are free to share it for free on your website. Just a thought.

    You fix your asset once and every time anyone imports it it will import correctly. Tell your customers that your mistake is not your problem and it means that every one of us will have to fix your mistake every single time. I've had many "ohhhh...ahhhh" sessions looking at your new asset but because I don't know why in the world you chose to NOT use world scale in the first asset I simply said "Nah... Very good chance this one's scale is also just as crappy as the other one. Definitely not wasting my money twice"

    I am truly disappointed that an asset this beautiful is this useless to me... :(
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