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Scene View updating during play mode BUT camera doesn't Update-FIX

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by DarthHawk13, Mar 24, 2021.

  1. DarthHawk13


    Feb 24, 2016
    In case anyone else has this problem.

    It shouldn't matter what version of Unity you're using. I'm using Unity 2019.4.21f1. I had the situation in play mode where the scene view was active and objects were moving around but the camera appeared to be frozen and not updating at all. The culprit? I had accidentally set Clear Flags to "Depth only." Once I changed it to Skybox or Solid Color that fixed the issue. Computers only do what they are told to.
  2. radiantboy


    Nov 21, 2012
    Im having a weird one where even without that it acts like that. I need to turn cam off and on, very annoying.