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Feedback Scene template Benefit from just duplicate the scene

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by m-y, Aug 3, 2023.

  1. m-y


    Sep 22, 2013
    Hi , i trying to test the scene template , what i got is that you can create a template contains some objects or scripts for the scene , so why just duplicate the scene , Actually to create that template it took a while to load , but duplicating just a second ! any explain ! ?
  2. sebastiengrenier


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 11, 2019
    The advantage of using Scene Templates over duplicating the scene is that you can configure dependencies that need to be cloned instead of referenced. For example, if your scene references a prefab or some materials, and you don't want your new scene to affect the original scene if you modify those, you can set them as cloned. Those assets will be copied and the new scene will reference those instead.

    Furthermore, it is possible to setup an instantiation pipeline that lets you do custom operation before and after the instantiation of the scene, which can be powerful for a custom pipeline.
  3. sebastienp_unity


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 16, 2018

    Just to add a bit to Sebastien Grenier answer.

    The goal of of the whole Scene template and new Scene dialog feature is to:

    - Have a new scene dialog that allows to create new scene in a more customizable manner: 3D default, Totally empty, various New templates part of package.
    - You could still copy a scene. The upside to using scene template is to help you control how you want dependencies of your "source" scene to be handled. On a scene template, you can specify which dependencies you would like to clone on new scene creation. This helps having a bunch of scene specific assets (clips, material, prefabs, etc.).
    - If you uncheck Clone for all dependencies assets, it effectively mean the "source" scene would be copied as is (similar to duplicating your scene).

    I hope it helps clarify the feature.