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Official Rules and Guidelines for Works In Progress

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by KalOBrien, May 12, 2021.

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  1. KalOBrien


    Apr 20, 2021
    We want to keep these sections as neat as possible and for them to be beneficial for yourselves and also those viewing your projects. To this end there are some following rules for these new sections.

    Our forum Community Code of Conducts apply within these subsections as do the Unity Website & Communities Additional Terms. These must be followed and abided by at all times.

    Create a single thread for your project. You can update your first post to include new updates and developments as you post them in your own thread. This space is for your own dedicated projects that you have planned, and/or, currently developing. Even if your project, asset, or tool is in its early stages, these are welcomed.
    • Use relevant prefixes to indicate what category your project/asset/tool belongs too. This will allow users to interact with interested projects and allow you to get feedback from interested users!
    • Low effort posts are not encouraged. We have a *template guide* for your thread post that you can reference to make your thread more appealing. Avoid walls of text and media showing off your project is heavily encouraged!
    • You should only create threads about YOUR own project/asset/tool works.
    • Projects must be Unity projects. Assets can feature any sort of asset including 3D art / 2D art, as long as the assets can be used within Unity. Tools can be engine agnostic however they must work and relate to Unity in some way.
    • If a thread is inactive with no comments or updates for more than 6 months we will lock it, if you return to the project you can contact us to re-open it for you with no issues!
    • You are free to reach out to the thread starters via private conversations unless the thread starters explicitly say they don't want people to reach out to them.

    • If you’re interested in news about a project that has been locked you can reach out via private conversation to the thread owner unless they've explicitly stated they do not wish to be contacted.
    • If you've finished your project please link to the finished product on your main thread post. If you are no longer working on the project we will lock it. If you wish to continue development please reach out to us so you can continue working on the thread.
  2. KalOBrien


    Apr 20, 2021
    Feedback and Providing it

    • Threads in these sections act as both a development log for your project etc and a feedback area, so be open and expect feedback.
    • When posting and are looking for specific feedback, point it out and ask directly. People don't know what's in your head.
    • If someone doesn't like your project/asset/tool, doesn't mean it’s bad, and vice versa, if someone likes your project, doesn't mean it’s good.
    • Feedback is just feedback, you can use it to benefit your project or ignore it if you find it irrelevant.

    • This is not an area to boost your ego and some users may come across as harsh. There's plenty of kind people around who will try to see your work in the best possible light, but remember: the most reliable way to get praise is to deserve it.
    In the case of providing feedback:

    • Be specific with your feedback and avoid being general. Explain and describe why you don't like something, avoid simple one liners like “It's great” or “Awesome stuff!”.
    • Give feedback about the project, not the developer. Making things personal is how things get ugly
    • Be respectful. People work hard on their projects - but sometimes, sadly, hard work isn't enough to make a project good. Pretending that a bad project is good is dishonest, and a terrible disservice to the developer, so if you think it's bad you should say so - but it's not cool to ridicule or dismiss the effort they put into it.
    • Projects/Assets/Tools are not expected to be finished quality. This forum area is for work in progress, meaning projects can be anywhere from near completion to just starting.
    • Questions are often more effective than comments. If you say "X sucks," people tend to get defensive, or ignore the feedback. If you say "what's your plan for improving X?" they tend to take it more seriously.

    Good luck and cant wait to see what you all make!
    Last edited: May 21, 2021
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