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TextMesh Pro RTL Text Mesh Pro. Free and Open-Source plugin to add Persian and Arabic support to TextMeshPro

Discussion in 'Unity UI & TextMesh Pro' started by sorencoder, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. sorencoder


    Mar 27, 2017
    Hi. I finally created a plugin to add Persian and Arabic support to TextMeshPro.

    Github link:

    Realtime RTL Text
    You don't need to convert, copy and paste texts. Start writing and texts will be converted right away.

    Rich Text
    All Text Mesh Pro's tags are available in RTL Text Mesh Pro

    RTL InputField (See known issues)
    Realtime InputField is supported.

    Yes, This plugin has no problem with multiline RTL texts.

    Auto Font Size is fully supported.

    English, Farsi and Arabic digits are supported

    Arabic Tashkeel
    Arabic tashkeel are supported. Also you can turn them off or on for every RTL Text Mesh Pro object.

    To see usage instructions visit github page:

    Known Issues
    • Multiline has issues with English text.
    • InputField (and anything that was designed to work with TextMeshProUGUI script) will not work.
      Why it doesn't work? We need to override the text property of TextMeshProUGUI. But the text property is not defined virtual. You need to manually make the property virtual.
      • Open TMP_Text.cs from TextMeshPro source code
      • add virtual keyword to text property.
      • Open RTLTextMeshPro.cs and uncomment the top line where it says
        //#define RTL_OVERRIDE
      • Now you can use InputFields (and Dropdowns in future)

    @Stephan_B Would you make `text` property virtual in the source code so users don't have to make it virtual everytime they update? Would you gift a "virtual" keyword to all of users that want to use RTL languages?

    Have fun!
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
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