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Question Root Motion doesn't follow properly the animation

Discussion in 'Animation' started by ScetticoBlu, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. ScetticoBlu


    Nov 26, 2020
    Hi guys, I'm having some problems with root motion. Here my setup.
    My character is moved by a Character Controller, all the standard movement animations are not rooted.
    The only animation I want to be root is a crawling not looped animation since It seems to be the best solution for me (probably not a good practice, but I have problems on moving the GameObject during the not rooted animation so I decided this animation to be rooted). The problem whit root animation is this (Look at the gif attached):
    When the animation occurs, there's a motion of the GameObject, but the character controller collider doesn't follow the full animation. Then, if looped, the next animation doesn't begin where it ended, like if it started where the collider actually is. It seems like a scale problem, can someone explain me what's happening and how can i solve this?
    Horrible animation apart...

    From blender, I reimported only the animation. In the Unity inspector I did:
    Animation type = Humanoid
    Avatar definition = create from this model
    And now in the animation preview I see the default guy performing the animation I want! But if I import the animation on my character's animation state machine, my girl want move a single joint (but now the collider follow exactly the animation, and looping now begin where it ends!). Why isn't the animation displayed? Animation is so hard, I've lost days trying to figure out what's happening but still I'm missing something :(

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Nov 29, 2020
  2. ScetticoBlu


    Nov 26, 2020
    I figured out how to do. It takes me 2 entire days. Here what I've done:
    This happened because in the animator component I didn't selected an Avatar.
    • So first I used the Idle pose, downloaded on Mixamo, to create an avatar: in the tab Rig of the Animation import inspector I selected: "Humanoid" and "Create From this model".
    • Once generated the avatar, I used it in the Animator as I told before.
    Now, if I want to add another animation (rooted or not):
    • In animations downloaded from Mixamo -> "Humanoid" and "Copy from Other Avatar"
    • In my animations -> "Humanoid" and "Create from this Model"
    I still don't know why I can't copy from Other avatar in my animations, since the armature are the same as the first Idle animation I used, but anyway it works!
    And, of course, If you need to root the animation, check out the tab Animation in the Import Inspector!