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Root Motion and Obstacle Avoidance, NavAgent or ...?

Discussion in 'Animation' started by ExOblivione, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. ExOblivione


    Jul 7, 2014
    Good Afternoon,

    I am looking for advice on how to proceed with my current project. My game is similar to Asteroids. I have humanoid enemies that spawn off screen and move towards the player. Each level will have different obstacles the enemies have to move around to get to the player. The enemies' speed will increase after each completed wave and level.

    My goal is to use root motion with little to no foot slipping for controlling the enemy movement. I have experimented with combining animation and the navAgent as well as using a simple obstacle avoidance system. The navAgent approach only seems to work well if I manually change the agent and animation speed independently. I would like to be able to just increase the movement animation speed. I have tried both the examples provided in the Stealth Tutorial project and the "Coupling Animation and Nav..." in the manual. The results have been sub par. I just started trying to use obstacle avoidance, but before I spent to much time I thought maybe someone might have some advice or know of a approach typically used for my style of game. Basically if I just spawn the enemies, set the animation speed and let them go straight to the target it looks great. As soon as I try to have them move around obstacles the motion starts looking off and unrealistic.

    (If this belongs in a different forum please let me know which. Since my main concern is root motion this one seemed appropriate)