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Games Roguelike "The Colosseum" WIP

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by Blue-Mirror, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Blue-Mirror


    Aug 21, 2016
    The Colosseum Version 0.6 is out! This devlog took me quite some time, but here we are! If you prefer video as a format here is the link to the youtube video

    For everyone who is new, this game is a 2D top down, fast paced roguelike in which you hype up a crowd by fighting. The more hyped up they are the more gold you get which you use for items during your run.
    The game is on itch and ready for you to check it out. If you feel so inclined play it and give me some feedback!

    So what did I work on in the last 2 weeks?

    Boss “Raijin”
    The first Boss is called Raijin and has a thunder Theme.
    He has 3 stages and 5 different attacks. They ramp up in difficulty each time you get into the next stage.
    Also he only starts with 2 attacks, and the attacks he has change a little bit for more variety

    The first set and the first iteration of them was put into the last update and since then I've been thinking about them a lot.

    Most importantly, more cheap “common” items should exist at the start. You will unlock new items for your next run after finishing one. This means you start with affordable but weak items. The game gives more gold, the better you play. Since the stronger items are unlocked when playing more you should be more skilled at that point. So even though they cost more, you should now be able to buy them. If you play well. A lot of the items from the first iteration can stay, even if we need to change them a bit.

    For instance “Rage” gives you a “deal more damage” and a "take less damage" buff. And this stacks each time you get hit, until you have not been hit for 5 seconds. The playstyle this forces is boring and feels like exploiting the game instead of being a new fun way to play. So instead the new plan is to just give the player a 50% less damage buff for 5 seconds after taking a hit. This would be a useful Item by itself and it can also synergies with another Item “Angels Book”. That one heals you for 20% missing health each time you get hit inside the active healing circle.

    This is the new Style with which I want to design the items. Items should by themselves be useful and possibly synergies with other items.

    Smaller things
    The moving tower (big blue guy) now has a weakpoint at his back and therefore more health as well to balance that out.

    IAI draw now uses a shader effect on runtime. With it I learned how to do that and will do more of them in the future when we start polishing the game.

    As always I did a lot more but wont mention every single thing here. But I do stream on twitch so if you want to see more about the development, ask questions or give feedback here is the link

    Alright thats it folks! Next update will be more about feedback and making things more understandable. After that one we rework the items! Have a good day
  2. StonedNTime


    May 27, 2015
    Hey man, great job on the game. This whole concept looks and seems super fun. I am at work right now, but I am going to give this a download when I get home and play it. Looking forward to future updates!
  3. Blue-Mirror


    Aug 21, 2016
    Thats so nice of you! Have fun playing it!