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Rogue Pirate Developer

Discussion in 'Unity Connect' started by DA_ATeam, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. DA_ATeam


    Dec 6, 2012
    I suggested a feature that would allow a developer to close a task. Or as someone else suggested send a mass message that the task has ended. I also think there should be a way to raise a RED FLAG or ban, rate rogue developers from applying to jobs. There is a developer named Sagar Medhekar with Cubicle Hub that agreed to work on my, Photon Team Task. I offered a decent pay to simply set up a sport game team setup specifically using PUN scripts that are provided. He convinced me that he could do the complete game for double the price. On Dec 22, 2016 offered a due date of two weeks, payment to be in thirds; Initiation of project, delivery and proof of development and delivery on completed project. It almost two weeks past the original due date and I've got nothing. Nothing but complains. At the mid-point of the project he proudly announced that an analysis of the mock up, the game flow prototype was complete. I questioned why he was analyzing an obviously rough and inaccurate iteration of the mock up. He stated that they would have to start from scratch. I advised his it is a simple game and the place to start was with Photon Teams. A few days later after I request a status on the Task, he goes on about a no game play rules and how he is confused as I keep asking questions. He suggests that he needs more money. If he provided some kind of work in progress edition he'd have reached the agreed upon milestone and got another $300+. Finally after contacting Sagar and he begins speaking of features we never discussed, and after the due date is missed I tell him if he cannot complete the task just tell me and refund the money. He tells me if this happens he will sell my project, reskinning and claiming it as his own and sell it for $5000. Of course after a statement like this all trust and confidence in Sagar and Cubicle Hub is out the window. But trying to give a guy a even break, I extend an Olive Branch and say, Okay, tell me what your new due date will be. I have yet to hear from him again.
    He claimed he will complete the project and sell it before I can complete it. But my position is, if you could have completed it why didn't he legitimately complete it or just show progress and collect the balance of the money. He kept whining about game play rules, but it was simply two teams with an objective to score more points than the other in a very familiar game, which I provided a prototype of that seemed to baffle him.

    Either developers like this need to be banned from applying for jobs, he was investigated and denied financial payment via Xoom, then had a proxy submit an invoice from another payment company, or a warning, an alarm needs to go off if his name or company appears. I contacted and reviews a second applicant, who immediately wanted to raise the price and made numberous demands up front. Moving forward I said I would meet his demands but I had one demand of my own...provide a link to proof that you've completed a PUN Teams project. Never heard from him again.

    No, Unity Connect I will not be renewing this project....on to Plan B. This chaps my hide as I was reaching out to this guy, who said, I'm trying to run a business....and I was looking forward to doing much business in the future with him. Now...I must say I don't know what business school you attended but this ain't the way Bro!