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Rise of Heroes - Prototype

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by JamesPro, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. JamesPro


    Mar 5, 2012
    Off and on over the last 8 or 9 years I've been working toward creating a MMO called Rise of Heroes. I've posted about it several times here and else where. I've done many other projects along the way as well as I've been learning everything I need to know. As the Lead for Greed Monger I've learned many valuable lessons about 3rd party dependency, continue to refine my skills as a Programmer, and many other things.

    Over the past day or 2 I've started putting together a small prototype for Rise of Heroes which is helping to develop and test the tech that will be used for Rise of Heroes: Online in the future. I'm developing a Plugin based MMO Server and Client framework based on Lidgren. It contains a C# Messenger to dispatch messages to the different plugins and a IronPython based Scripting Environment. Client Side I'm in the process of Developing a Modular GUI System to help speed up development of UIs and to allow UIs to be programmed with in Python so players can customize or create completely new UIs.

    Server side is a Headless Unity based Server. It contains a full Physics Simulation for Collision Detection, Triggers, and other Physics based features. The Server is also able to do complete AI Path Finding for Mobs and NPCs, and the Server keeps track of the Time of Day in game for Timed AI Events.

    For this Prototype I'm starting out Small. There will be 2 Factions, 1 Race (Humans), 4 Classes, 3 Zones (Starting Zones for each Faction and a PvP Free for all zone), 1 Battle Ground, Resource Gathering, and Crafting. Once I have those basics done then I'll create some videos and put up a KickStarter Campaign to get the money to host the Server and continue development for atleast 6 months. Funding will be obtained in smaller amounts every 6 months or so however after the first KickStarter I may go strictly with a Donations Campaign on our website for a month every 6 months. Once I get the money for the Server Hosting I'll get the Server put up and release the Prototype Client to the public so it can start getting some real testing.

    Once The Server is up I'll start expanding the world, Adding new Features, adding more mobs/npcs, ect. I'll continue this until the Prototype is a complete Theme Park MMO at which time I'll start in on adding more Sandbox features such as Player Housing, Player Created Cities and outposts, much more advanced Crafting, and Areas of Conflict (Events in the game that causes Conflict between the factions or Player ran Guilds).

    Here are some Screenshots from the current Build:

    $RoH_Prototype5.jpg $RoH_Prototype6.jpg $RoH_Prototype7.jpg $RoH_Prototype8.jpg $RoH_Prototype9.jpg
  2. Eric2241


    Dec 2, 2012
    Looks nice!