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Help Wanted Rigidbody and navmesh

Discussion in 'Navigation' started by r31o, Nov 24, 2021.

  1. r31o


    Jul 29, 2021
    I got a spider with has a rigidbody and a navmesh agent. The spider walks proceduraly with some code and IK, but I got some problems, I want the spider to walk using physics and not by a navmesh agent, so I think I need some code that:
    -Activates the navmesh.
    -Calculates the next step to the path.
    -Stores the position in a vector.
    -Deactivates the navmesh.
    -Moves the rigidbody tothe position by adding forces (with a margin of 1 meter)

    Is this possible? The robots shown in Karlson devlogs behave like this.