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Question rig builder causes rig to stutter while moving

Discussion in 'Animation' started by ShadowFlame15, Apr 24, 2023.

  1. ShadowFlame15


    Apr 24, 2023
    i have a model with inverse kinematics on its hands, and a camera in first person. while moving, the rig appears to go ahead of the camera and jitter. the problem is most likely the rig builder, as disabling it removes the stutter. i am doing this in vr with oculus integration and the xr interaction toolkit in version 2021.3.18f.

    the camera is the child of an object with a rigidbody, and the rigidbody has interpolation.

    the way the rig attaches to the player is by setting its body position to a set amount below the camera, and the target transforms for the inverse kinematics are set to the left and right hand controllers.

    i’ve tried changing the rigidbody interpolation, the animator update mode, and the type of update where the rig’s transform is set, but the stutter still appears. there may be some combination of these that fix it, but i have not tried all, so i don’t know.

    also, i do not have access to the project right now, so i can’t send any screenshots, and won’t be able to confirm answers for a few days. even though i don’t have access to the project, i can probably still answer questions about it, so you can still ask. i know i could’ve posted this a bit later, but i posted this now so i could have answers by the time i can use the project, because there’s a good chance i wouldn’t get answers immediately if i posted this when i can use the project.