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Games Rhineware – The MIR Incident

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by VisionInitiativePersistence, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. VisionInitiativePersistence


    Jan 2, 2020
    In November 2018 a vision was born to start a team and develop video games. Back then it was just a vision but since that day, many steps have already been made.

    Teammates were found and formed into a team.
    Structures for collaboration and communication have been created.
    Concepts were devised and put into practice.
    Agreements have been made, also beyond the border of our country.
    All united for one goal: 'To create games that put a smile on people's faces'

    In this thread we would like to show our project progress of the game 'The MIR Incident' and our team 'Rhineware'.

    Since this is our first game, a 2D graphic has been chosen to simplify the development. Graphics are created in HD resolution. Since the camera supports different zoom levels, the resolution is even slightly higher.

    The game takes place in a sci-fi scenario.

    The PC is initially intended as the target platform. Later a transition to the console is possible.

    It is currently planned to complete the game in mid to late 2021.

    We don't want to much spoilers at the moment. We also want to have the possibility to change the story if necessary.

    The player starts as a prisoner in an underground laboratory. In this there was an incident whereby some test subjects (animals) have escaped. Unfortunately, these boys have become smarter through the experiments and have released further test subjects. Fortunately, the player comes free in this whole mess. However, fights are now raging everywhere in the laboratory complex between scientists and test subjects.

    The scientists use everything they find to fight back, they throw wrenches or scissors, use crowbars or experimental weapons that they have researched on. Others throw test tubes with chemicals which explode or leave a cloud of toxins behind, etc.
    The test subjects mainly rely on their claws and teeth, e.g. mutated aggressive rabbit hordes, alligators in the sewers, spiders, etc. But there are also special exemplars with much higher intelligence. These boys don't just rely on their teeth and claws. So be careful.
    Both sides view the player as an enemy. One side fights him because he is a human and the other side because he is wearing prisoner clothes.

    Did i already mention the security guards you meet towards the end of the level? They have been called by the scientists. These also fight the player because they don't like his clothing.
    If the player gets through, he can escape into space after a small boss fight. This is also the first GlobalSpace that represents our solar system. From here he can discover on his own or continue directly with the main quest.

    It is planned to make the IntroSector (first GlobalSpace) available as a demo later this year.

    Some sketches:

    • Ground level

    • Air battles / Space battles

    • World map / GlobalSpace
    The ground levels are the core of the game and are played as sidescrollers. Our strongest AIs are used here. The interesting thing about these levels is the “Rooms” concept. It can be used in different combinations. In a forest level, for example, it is possible to enter caves. In a building, it is possible to go from room to room.

    The air battles / space battles take place from a bird's eye view. Therefore, some of the player's weapons and abilities behave differently here. The grenade launcher becomes a minelayer. The "Turret" ability must of course be shown differently from a bird's eye view perspective than in a sidescroller level. Examples for such levels are e.g. attack on an enemy space station, mine money and materials in an asteroid field (Asteroid Attack), pirate attacks, etc.

    The GlobalSpace forms the world map. It is designed as a sphere. The nice thing is that it shows the depth of space very well. The map is therefore not too small and not too big. Large enough so some exploration is needed, small enough to avoid being exhausting. It's supposed to be fun and not degenerate into hard work. It is possible to fly to planets, asteroids, space stations, etc. and search them. Various shops, levels, items, etc. can be located on them. There can be a secret or level everywhere. The GobalSpace also gives the player the possibility to decide on his own where to go, which quests to pursue or what to explore. When flying over a level entry it shows which unique stuff is left there. Not exactly what is left but just a hint. There is more than one GlobalSpace. These are also called sectors. It is possible to switch back and forth between most of them.

    There are many reasons to explore levels carefully. Unique items, money, materials, story fragments, quests, map fragments, etc. The peculiarities that we want to put into them is that each one is different from the other. Each one is unique. This should keep the player in line until the end. Interesting things can be expected around every corner. During the game also more and more content is enabled.
    In some levels you need certain weapons or skills to progress (e.g. a fire weapon to clear an overgrown passage, a jet pack to jump higher, etc). So it will be worthwhile to return to some of the levels you have already visited to grab one or two additional rewards that you have not been able to access before. Or a quest takes you back there. Maybe the opponents in this level were to strong during the first visit, who knows.

    Important: At this point, only the architecture and concepts were laid for the level ideas mentioned here. We will start with the level design at the end of January.
    So we're just getting started here.
    The later point "Current state of development" describes what has already been achieved. If you have read through what is written there it should be clear that there should be little difficulty in implementing such levels.

    Example pictures „GlobalSpace“:

    YouTube video "Player" and "GlobalSpace":

    Graphic style:
    Here are some pictures that were taken in an experimental scene.

    Here are some examples of the first versions of the music.

    Current state of development:
    The current state of the game can be compared to an alpha version. It is possible to build playable levels without any problems. Much of the planned game content has already been implemented.
    • Quest system

    • Upgrade system

    • Story system

    • Monetary system

    • Worldmap / GlobalSpace

    • Ground level

    • Air battles / Space battles

    • Companions

    • Saving / Loading

    • Any language can be supported

    • Ingame cutscenes

    • Etc.
    At this point, well over 1,000 graphics have already been created and thousands more are planned. Since the team is a bit smaller than hoped, special emphasis was placed on the architecture of the game. It is possible to design levels in a short time. Much of this is done by algorithms and mostly works via drag&drop and "level drawing". Much thinking is not necessary.

    The AI is constantly being improved. Particular emphasis was placed on the path finding algorithm. They will find a way in any level if there is one, no matter how complex it is. Of course, restrictions and requirements were specified for this. The AI must follow rules. This makes it possible for the player to be able to take AI companions everywhere with him or to summon them.

    The AI is also able to use the environment to its advantage. The "Generation 3" of the AI, for example, looks for cover, can use different attack patterns, sometimes withdraws from the fight to take a first aid package and heal itself, etc. Depending on which generation of AI is used and how it was parameterized, it behaves differently (e.g. pacifist, only ranged, only melee, hybrid, etc.).
    In addition to the “Build In” abilities, it is also possible to give any AI any number of external abilities or spells. The "Handshake" approach is used here.

    The main focus is currently on the visual aspects of the game (NormalMap, Paralax and VFX). Here we carry out the last experiments to build a solid foundation.
    Completion of these experiments is planed for the end of January 2020. From then on, the only focus lies on level design, improvements and mass production. This is also the reason why we currently only show basic game mechanics and not finished levels.

    YouTube Video – Pathfinding and “Generation 2” AI:

    There is still a lot to do, but step by step precedes the work. =)

    You want to hear more about one of the mentioned points?
    Let me know.

    Have a nice week all. =)
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  2. VisionInitiativePersistence


    Jan 2, 2020
    Back from the winter break and back to work.

    We have a few pictures for you of the experiments with parallax backgrounds that we are currently working on. However, it is only an intermediate state that you can see. A background consists of 7 layers. Of course, there will be more of these over time. For example, moon surface, forest, etc.

    Have a great start to the new year. May your wishes and goals come true. =)

  3. VisionInitiativePersistence


    Jan 2, 2020
    Short interim status regarding our business registration.
    Maybe there is interest.

    The last important authority gave us the green light. Thus the registration is finished in principle. There are still one or two forms to fill out, but these are just formalities.
    This was another important milestone for us.

    Have a good start to the week. =)
  4. VisionInitiativePersistence


    Jan 2, 2020
    Today we take a look at the parallax and endless background. :)

  5. VisionInitiativePersistence


    Jan 2, 2020
    After the business topics have been completed, the project planning for the next project phase is now also complete. We left the experimental phase behind and started with mass production.

    In about a month, we should have all the basic elements for four more TileSets ready.
    So far there was only the 'Concrete' TileSet.
    The following TileSets will now be added
    • Grass
    • Steel
    • Asteroid
    • Alien
    We are already looking forward to showing them to you.
    Also, we have now finally time continue programming.

    Have a nice week boys and girls. =)