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Looking For Contributor (revshare) 2D BULLET HELL: Looking for a pixel artist and level designer

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by cesarzysko, Aug 6, 2023.

  1. cesarzysko


    Jun 28, 2020
    My team, which currently consists of me (programmer) and my friend (pixel artist), is currently looking for some people who could help us with realising our project.

    We are currently looking for:
    • Another pixel artist to speed up the whole process (UI, backgrounds, enemies, etc)
    • Someone with experience in creating interesting and balanced bullet hell / shmup levels

    Important note:
    You won't be given any pay during the development of the project, but as soon as we complete the game and put in on sale, you'll be receiving a revenue share adequately high to the effort you've put into the development (starting point is equal pay for all team members).

    Now a few words about the project itself..
    The name of our game is "Stellar Sweepers" [working title] There are two main characters - twins - each with it's own spaceship and abilities. Alongside the other crew members on their giant spaceship, their mission is to attempt to reclaim their planet from the alien invasion which once bested and forced them to survive in the vast cosmos far away from home. In terms of gameplay our project will contain typical arcade-style shmup aspects while also mixing in some mechanics from other popular bullet hell games, as well as some of our own ones.

    Anyone who's interested in joining our team feel free to message me (preferably on discord - nick: cesarz) for more info ^^
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