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Looking For Contributor [Rev Share] Looking for a dev team to develop a 3D Rouge-like

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by TheSovietNapkin, Oct 24, 2022.

  1. TheSovietNapkin


    Aug 31, 2022
    Hello, im currently working on a 3D rouge-like called Charon’s Wastes, and do develop it Im recruiting a dev team to speed up the development process and hopefully make it become famous

    3D Rouge-like
    The intended genre of games I want to achieve is a 3D Rouge-like with tons of story, like hades. It is targeted for the PC platform but once it gets enough donations and support it is hoped it could launch to other platforms.

    The Story so far is that in 2030 there was a nuclear war with the US and China, both launching devastating Thermonuclear bombs, and our protagonist is trying to search for his lost girlfriend who left him a note in case he survived the blast. Armed with his parasitic companion he searched the wasteland in search of her girlfriend, meeting friends and foes along the way

    The progress we have so far is the mechanics listed down, and we are currently trying to build the narrative, the places, and enemies that will be in the game.
    We currently have
    1 Writer (Me)
    1 Programmer

    The dev team members we are lacking are

    Concept artists
    3D artists
    2D artist
    Another writer
    Level designer
    Game designer

    If interested contact me through discord TheSovietNapkin#7319 to join the team