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Question Resources for image tracking with rotation

Discussion in 'AR' started by douglassophies, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. douglassophies


    Jun 17, 2012
    I just posted a similar question about why my implementation of image tracking that also moves with the rotation does not work.

    This is the desired result:

    The first few seconds of the time stamp show him move his hand slightly and the AR follows.

    But the more obvious question i should probably be asking is why there is no tutorial or samples online for this? It makes me think its a limitation of AR Foundation itself in being able to track rotations quickly enough to be worthwhile doing?

    I found many scale and rotate tutorials based on user input, but that is not much help - i need it to follow the tracked image and it does not seem to be as simple as linking them as per my other question.

    It looked like the Unity samples might have what i needed - an image tracking demo where the AR object is childed to the tracking image However, the quality is awful. It takes forever to pick up the image and is not tracking as well as my own solution. I was not sure if it was even rotating because the tracking was so laggy. I never investigated much further, but what are other peoples experiences with it?