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Discussion Render out Spatial Experiences | Creator by Avataar

Discussion in 'Animation' started by mahi_sreekumar, Sep 28, 2023.


Do you think something like this could be useful to artists in this community?

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  1. mahi_sreekumar


    Jul 21, 2023
    Hey fellow enthusiasts,

    So this is going to seem like a shameless plug but honestly, I need your help!

    My team has been developing a new web app called Creator and we launched it last week. Creator enables any user to build custom spatial experiences with the help of generative AI.

    It’s still a work in progress and that’s where I need your help. As artists, this tool is for you and I would love for you to try Creator out and tell me what you did and didn’t like!

    Really hoping you would try Creator.

    Here is a simple experience I built to get you excited!